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Ads, ads and more ads

With every swipe through their available pictures you get a 15 to 30 second ad. So many ads it makes the app completely unusable.


They have the most beautiful live wallpapers I’ve ever seen, and they have a large variety of them. The only problem is you can’t set the live wallpapers for the home screen it only works for the lock screen.

No recomendado

La baje y de inmediato me pidió que me registrara le di para ver los wallpaper eh igual no me dejo hacer nada borrado de mi teléfono y no recomendado

Wallpaper or just a photo?

I saved a cool photo on my device and it works on photos and then I saved it on wallpaper and it did not work. Can you help? Give me feedback

Doesnt work

Dowloaded it and saved a bunch of wallpapers and none were live 😂😂no thank deleting this app and those crappy non live wallpapers


Some guy in a high rise is virtually begging on the corner, constantly asking me for more money every 5 mins, what a fing joke😂


This is slower than a heard of sea turtles stampeding through peanut butter! NOT WORTH IT! Deleted it. Although it may have had a good Live Photo every once in a while.

Needs a lot of fixing

Hi this is not a bad app but you should really consider doing some fixes for the app Because there’s a lot bugs and listen to what your customers say thanks,

To many ads

I just wanted a cool background and almost every time I looked at a new picture it would show me a pop up ad or if I wanted to sign up for “premium” when I kept saying no


I got the app, and an ad popped up for the membership to the app. I clicked cancel, and tried to click a live wall paper. Literally every 2 seconds there was an ad. I couldn’t even press a live wallpaper, it would go to the ad every time. Please just don’t do that. And it even said those were the free ones, but I couldn’t even click on one. I don’t think that’s okay.

Not working at all.

It was keeping loading the live wallpaper. I’m sure it was not my internet’s issue.

Garbage waste of time, $8 week

Skip this crap. No way to use without paying $8 a week. Scummy design to trick users, what a joke..

Those not work

When I put it as my wallpaper it does not move still a bit cool tho

Greedy Devs!!

I just downloaded the app and not even allowed me to touch on the free Wallpaper because they need $7.99 in advance, app full of ads and doesn’t allow you to navigate because pop ups asking for $7.99. Right now uninstalling this garbage app for second time, I thought that for iPhone X was improved but not, greedy Devs!

$7.99 per week???? Are you kidding me

Looked cool, I would have even spent $50/$60 bucks on it, but $7.99 per week? That’s over $400 per year for the wallpaper on your phone. Who would do that? I won’t try the free now... erase

Too many adds.

Literally every time I touch the screen an add pops up. It’s asking me to start a free trail. I’ve clicked no. You can’t even navigate the app because that keeps popping up it’s annoying and should not be so frequent. My phone is updated and I literally just downloaded the app at 3:55 (it’s currently 4:08) and I have yet to see a single wall paper besides the free city one. I gave the app two stars because it’s a good idea but unless you pay for the app you can’t navigate it.

Touch it get add, touch it get add,

Touch it get add, touch it get add,Touch it get add, touch it get add,Touch it get add, touch it get add,Touch it get add, touch it get add,Touch it get add, touch it get add,Touch it get add, touch it get add,

Good app

Good app


These developers cashed in on after ad after ad ...I sneezed and another ad came on (j/k) the 7.99 for a “wallpaper” membership is absurd....positive reviews are probably fake I can’t see someone that enjoys to pay 8 dollars a month for a wallpaper

Deserves zero stars

Downloaded it to check it out and can’t even view one wallpaper without advertisements popping up nonstop and a pop up request to pay for a subscription in order to view any wallpapers. For $7.99 a week?!?! Absolutely ridiculous!!! No thank you!! Deleted!!


I downloaded this app to check it out. Then when I got into the app it constantly asked me to sign up for the premium version. Then after that I downloaded a couple wallpapers. AND THEY DID NOT EVEN WORK!!! Overall I wouldn’t recommend getting this app.

Don’t download

Comments where tight waste of time


Please don't download this because it's a waste of time you can't pick any other wallpaper besides the one that is first presented they will keep throwing ads at you and will keep throwing at you to start your trial over and over


It’s a great app to have and to show your friends, but not everyone has a iPhone 6 and up.So I think they should make the same app but it should be made for all iPhones.

Very deceptive

Charges $8/week even when it says it’s free.

Can’t even use it due to the ads

This app is horrible, it’s impossible to swipe through the wallpapers because 1-2 adds pop up and open new apps or the store. Not even one page ads,but several second videos just to swipe to the next one! Had to restart it several times. Can’t even preview the supreme papers without paying or loading a video (that doesn’t load and forces you to reload and start all over). Not worth the hassle

Doesn’t work well

I did all the directions and it somehow didn’t work and I might have done something wrong so if I did please help


Why u have to pay for better wallpapers..low-key dumb

To many ads

I try to go look for a wallpaper to use and everytime I swipe through them I get stopped by at least 5 or so ads

Horrible all ad and $ trial

Ad then ad then ad. Constantly attempt to accept a free trial and then quickly start charging you. Don’t bother you can barely get a second to see the wallpapers or do anything

So many ads it made me uninstall

It’s easier to google a wallpaper and download, then trying to see one here in this app with the free version.

Live wallpapers

I think live wallpapers are really calm, relaxing, and fun but the only part I don’t like is that there is so many live wallpapers that are not able so use unless you pay the rent so I give live wallpapers three stars

Too many ads

Every time you scroll an add pops up and it’s really annoying. Only one free wallpaper is available.


I HATE that you have to pay for everything. I’m not downloading an app just to have to pay for it. I will never download this app, EVER AGAIN.

$8 a week for a wallpaper...

That’s all I have to say They responded back to me which is pretty cool I give them 4 stars

Boo boo

This app is trash. I downloaded it. It asks if you want to start a free trial. Hell no I don’t because eventually this will start costing money. So I click no. And finally some wallpapers. I get to see an owl then when you try to look at anything else it shows adds instead and try’s to get you to upgrade. Again this app is booboo.

Not even working ...

How did this app get such a high rating? 9/10 reviews on this thing have been 1 STAR. Between the way too many adds and functionality of viewing and skipping wallpaper options - the ads are a nightmare.

Live Wallpaper

The colors are vibrant and beautiful but I cannot get them to go live. If I cannot get the Free ones to go live I certainly will not pay for any additional. So I will just enjoy the stills

Do not subscribe.

Impossible to cancel. Do not subscribe.


Don’t accidentally agree to free trial, it automatically charges $7.99.


Listen to everyone else. The app does nothing but show you ads and ask you to subscribe. You can’t even look at more than one wallpaper per category, when you try, SURPRISE!! It’s another subscription page! And again, and again, and again. Totally unusable.

Who pays for a wallpaper?

Really, who pays for a wallpaper

Can’t use it free!

There is about one wallpaper that is free and all the others go to a screen that makes you pay.


This is the worst app I have ever seen that shove add after add after add down your throat. They immediately want you to subscribe to the service and if you don’t it is impossible to use. The adds just keep coming and coming. Absolutely crazy. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. TRUST ME. SAVE YOUR TIME. yes I am using an iPhone 7 Plus with current updates and current version of the developers application. Just in case they respond and say that is the reason. DECEPTIVE DECEPTIVE DECEPTIVE DECEPTIVE


This app is a ripoff I had hit save and it had saved but when I saw it it was not live it stayed still and I had followed all directions.

Supportive app developers

Had my problem but was explained by developers, amazed

Charged me multiple times

I downloaded this app to check out the free trial, not intending to pay $8 a month for some wallpapers. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel my subscription and it charged me multiple times right after the free trial ended. First, it drew from my iTunes credit and put me in the negative, so when I tried to add a $10 gift card to my iTunes account i ended up only getting $1.73 off of it. Then, it ALSO charged my debit card. So I’ve lost almost $20 because of this one app that I didn’t even use 🤷🏻‍♀️ I contacted my bank and had the card canceled and contacted Apple support as well. Don’t download this app!

Weekly sub scam

I randomly got charged 2.49 a week for a couple months! I lost around $25 but I got back 8 from apple. This app will scam u


You can’t even look at the app for a full 2 seconds before ads pop up pushing you to purchase a subscription. Dismissing the ad is the signal for the next ad to pop up. Maybe I’d have considered it if you’d let me look at your product to gauge whether it would be worth it. Your advertising approach is so aggressive you’re driving people away because they cannot even see the app.

The stupidest app you can ever have

Don’t download it, you wont like it, and you will hate it.

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