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Well the first thing that pops up is a subscription to the app which I declined. Then as you swipe to see the different backgrounds there is an ad almost every time. But I do have to say the app did work and now I have a nice lock screen. So thank you.


Ok so I opened up the app and I got an ad for the paid version. I closed it when the X appeared 3 seconds later. I clicked on a wallpaper and that same ad appeared. I closed it and ANOTHER ad appeared about something else. I closed it and everything was fine. I then SWIPED across the screen to find THE SAME AD! 9,000 ads later, I uninstalled the app after somehow downloading 1 picture. This app DEFINITELY is not truly 4.5 ⭐️’s.

Worst app ever

This is hands down the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Even though it’s “free” the first thing it asks is if you want to start a trial of their $7.99 WEEKLY COST. FOR WALLPAPERS. So obviously I’m gonna just use the free version but when you try to do that you get bombarded with ad after ad after ad making it nearly impossible to even look 1 wallpaper. I’m not sure how this has such good reviews but I hope these people burn in Hell for making me waste my time

Not good...

I saw this app in an ad on another game and was mesmerized by it. The wallpapers shown were so pretty and cool, so I bought the app. When I opened the app, it is more ads than wallpapers. I get ad after ad after ad and it makes me want to delete the game. I haven’t yet, because there might be an update that fixes the problem. But if there isn’t one soon, I will end up deleting the app because all it is doing is taking up storage. Sorry for the bad review, but please fix the ad problem. I know there are other reviews like mine, so I know I am not the only one a little bit bothered by this.


Overall it’s pretty good, but the one thing I don’t like is the free trial offer pops up too much in my opinion. But the wall papers are really cool and I love them.

Nice app

Cool app Rly love it ❤️

Why can't I give it 0 stars.. Worst App ever

Don't download this stupid App and waste your time. You can view only 1 free wallpaper everyday. Not hunders of wallpapers like they say. You'll all of the other wallpapers but as soon as you click on them lots of ads and dialogs will pop up and even after a few minutes when you done with all of that, you still only going to be able to see only one wallpaper. It's one of if not THE worst apps I've ever downloaded.


Horrible don’t download unless you wanna pay 7.99 a month 🙄


Bruh everytime i try to slide this ad literally just comes up for no reason, i cant even pick like whats the point

Don’t waste your time

Absolutely awful. This app is completely unusable. Listen I understand that you need to show ads, but come on! You can’t even navigate anywhere or even to the next picture without getting bombarded with ads.

Boo trash

Full with ads and the nice wallpapers are not free


Terrible app. Every 2 seconds there’s an ad pop up and when I go to select a wallpaper to look at, it keeps asking me to pay for the premium upgrade. I’ll be deleting this app immediately. I absolutely DO NOT recommend!!


Don’t EVER put your credit card on this app, unless you want to pay 8 dollars EVERY WEEK, and they don’t allow you to unsubscribe from the app, you have to find it in settings.. The developers are rip off scam artists

This app is trash.

Anything is better than this. Don’t get it.

Hate it

I don’t know why it’s rated 4.5 because it’s awful, every time I swipe to another wallpaper I kept getting asked if I wanted not worth it.

Don’t download

No matter what you’re gonna get an add for swiping your screen left right up or down, you get very few actual free wall papers unless you download the premium version that this app keeps shoving in your face, and over all isn’t worth it. I’m sorry if I’m being rude but I’ve never had a trouble nor problems with an app like this before and I only had this app for less than a minute. Unbelievable.

Be careful....

Not compatible with iPods ......😢😭

Worst app I’ve ever had

It wouldn’t let me select anything, ads just kept popping up. THIS IS TRAAAASHHHHHH. I WISH I COULD GIVE IT A ZERO. If the person that made the app is reading, FIX IT!!!!


The owner is trying to make as much money as he can from u, the ads are every where, every click is an ad. Trash users experience. You will literally get one pic that it live and the rest is all locked cause you have to pay for it.

This was alright

So I kept seeing this ad on Snapchat and decided it looked cool so I got it but one thing that I hated about the app is that it kept asking me if I wanted to buy the premium package but I do like that sometimes if u don’t have the premium package and u click on a wallpaper that costs money sometimes it will say watch an ad and then u get the wallpaper free I did like that but I also didn’t really like that if u chose the free category only one wallpaper was free because they want to u to but the premium package so I wouldn’t really recommend this app unless u get the premium package also there are a ton of other wallpaper apps that do the same thing for free and have less ads

I can’t get out of this scam

I downloaded it and now It won’t let me get out of the trial it doesn’t tell me and now I lost 16 dollars for a crap app that doesn’t work I tried all Dayana if the developer reads this don’t respond with this”thanks for downloading my app we will 🤗🤗🤗🤗fix the problem “ that’s every respond this horrible person gives you are the Chris Chan of game developers and if you use emojis in your response people think a child is responding screw you


This doesn’t work || no sirve

Straight Cheeks

Title says it all.. don’t get the app.

Ads and Costs

1. I get at least 2 ads every swipe 2. There are literally no free wall papers 3. 7.99? That’s a bit much.. I could pay for a Netflix account with that cost each month 4. The subscription thing pops up like crazy 5. I know your going to reply that part of the free version.. There’s nothing good about the free version.. 6. Loads of storage the app takes me out of it, and glitches my phone 7. This app is wasting my time Deleted... 8. Now I’m writing a review telling you to fix this forsaken app! 9. Good day to you!

Really bad

And it told me it would send all my information to other people.


everytime i click something an add pops up its SOOOOOO annoying don’t get me wrong the wallpapers are gorgeous but i deleted this app because theirs an add popping up ever 2 seconds.

Terrible app

No way to use the app keeps asking you to sign up for premium....delete

Not good

I swipe through the wallpapers and it asks for me to get premium there are ads every 3 minutes and some of the wallpapers don’t even seem live

Holy ads

Ads from hell, be prepared for that


I downloaded this app because I wanted a cool moving wallpaper and this was the first thing that popped up. So I downloaded it. The first thing I see is 7.99 for a subscription PER WEEK! THATS LIKE AROUND 140 DOLLARS A YEAR FOR AN APP!!!!! It doesn’t animate (I have an iPhone 6 Plus) and I’m REALLY MAD ABOU THAT because I really had my hopes up!! ALSO THERE ARE LIKE A BILLION ADS IN THE APP

Carli’s review

So I bought the app just to see what it was like because It looks pretty cool from the picture and after download I clicked on the app and asked me to sign up for premium and I press the X causes really expensive and then it immediately takes you to the free wallpapers and you have to swipe to go to the next one and about every Five or 10 pictures there would be an ad and it wasn’t very long you just click the X and it take you back to the page and some of the good ones yes they’re on premium but but you can watch and add it let you watch about five add to the add to wait about three minutes in between each ad and then after you’re done like it was I think it was about 5, after the five you have to wait about three hours to watch another add to unlock a premium wallpaper but the ads that are on them they’re pretty fun they have like you can try the ads out and stuff but there is on the app there’s like this little group boxes that says review were something and there’s just nothing in it and then after about five seconds there’s a little extra so you cook that and then you can see the wallpaper. All of the pictures are live that I’ve seen and they are all very very nice even the free ones are awesome the premium are better but I think is not worth it by the premium because it 7.99 a week and it would give you like a three day trial but I just don’t think it was worth The premium so if our you I would just stick with the free ones and you can watch add every so often to unlock a premium one which is I think is awesome! But overall I was very very happy with the app the other reviews are on there does not make him seem as bad as they actually are it I think it’s very good I definitely give it a solid four stars so hopefully you get it

It works

I suggest you get premium


The app dose not worke


Todos los lives solo se pueden usar en premium All lives can only be used in premium


Dumbest app I’ve ever used won’t even let me look at the free wallpapers doesn’t even deserve a star DO NOT waste ur time on it

Ads and Free trial get me furious

I was looking through some apps and I find this app I remember my grandma had this app to for her wallpaper, so I downloaded it. I got on the app and see wallpapers I click on one and it says free trial. I didn’t really care about the free trial so I pressed off of it and looked at a wallpaper, I click on it and free trial again and then there’s ads. This is when I start getting furious, I kept clicking on a wallpaper and free trial again and an ad. I started getting angry that I really wanted write this review. I really hope it does not happen again. I would give this 3 stars

Be cautious, isn’t really free.

It’s very misleading. Although the app is free in the App Store, you can’t actually use it at all unless you buy it. When you try to click around a thing pops up to say to try a 10 day free trial or buy it. You can’t actually save anything. What also scared me was that it had an option for “allow” or “read more” for it to be able to transfer YOUR information to other countries.


Wayyy too many pop ups. You can’t even use the app.

This App is a Scam

DONT DOWNLOAD! I downloaded the 3 day free trial (after which they charge you $8 weekly?! Which makes no sense, definitely not worth that) and there’s no way to delete it


Really nice


Premium is expensive and you only get like two free wallpapers

Garbage! If there was 0 this would get that.

Everything you touch in this app will ask you to get premium access which is something outrageous like 7.99$ weekly or monthly idk. Insta-Delete. Complete waste of anyone’s time.

I didn’t want to believe it

I read a lot of reviews and wanted to see if it’s as bad as people say and yeah, it is. I just LOVE how I can’t view the “free” wallpapers without a free trial 🙄 Every single wallpaper I tapped brought up the premium off for $7.99 a week???? Really? How many people change their wallpaper often enough to ever need that?


First off, I completely understand that ads pay for free versions on things. That being said, this garbage is on another level. I read the reviews before I downloaded just to give it a fair shake, snarky attitude by the developer included. This just honestly isn’t worth it for the free garbage version and there is NO WAY I’ll ever pay for this after how unnecessarily bombarded you are on top of the developers very apparent attitude when they get negative reviews. **If you want positive reviews then you need a complete makeover, in the app and apparently in your ability to take criticism**


I have never used an app that has so many ads. Every time you swipe to see another wallpaper an ad or a prompt to start the free trial pops up. It makes the free version unusable.

Stupid apps

Dont download this app. Its just a scam!!! So many ads

Don’t download!!

It’s a steal , the wallpapers don’t move until u press on the screen. Also the make u subscribe to their paid version, and charge u $8.65 for it; and u cannot unsubscribe.

not free

not free


رائعه جدا


It’s either broken or a trick.

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