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One star my be too nice

$7.99 per week?!!!!! Ad after ad after ad. What is the $7.99 for exactly? Click next image ad. It tries to get you to download other apps. An ad may pop up when you read this review. Avoid.

Rip Off!

Hard to use and they want to charge you $7.99 WEEKLY!!! $32 a month for a “live” screen display! Pshhhh I’ll just leave Netflix on my phone all the time 😂

Please fix!

They keep on asking me if I want to sign up for a premium account and every time I say no it pops back up not even five seconds later. The ad I seen for their app led me to install it, but now I have to delete it because it spams the premium account ads

Don’t get

So many ads doesn’t even let you see the wallpaper

I dont wanna pay for a premium

I downloaded the app and it said that I was on the free ones but everyone I pressed brought me to buy the premium! 😤

32$ a month for screensavers 🤣



I love your fox one and the galaxy one it was sick 😉👍

Worst app ever 😭

Do not download it’s a scam, this doesn’t even deserve a star.


This app Is mad annoying. I download it looking at the reviews and I seen one live wallpaper. So I go to click on another one & It’s constant ads on it. Then one keeps popping up about a free trial but you pay after a certain amount of days. Idk I wouldn’t get it.!

3 Ads per Pic Viewed

Recent negative reviews are the result of recent changes. This app is HORRENDOUS. Basically, you have 3 ads that pop up before you view each picture. One’s an ad that starts running full screen for 5 seconds. Then up pops the free subscription offer... again (1st time - during set up). 5 seconds later, you can click on the pic. Pic opens WITH pop-up ad covering half the screen... and you guessed it, 5 seconds later, you can finally close out the ad. ...Downloaded this same app a few months ago & deleted it, just as I’m about to now. There were too many ads then, but now it’s almost comical how many there are.

Too many adds

I got ad by ad by ad by ad every time I tried to click to a different wallpaper! I JUST DELETED THE APP!

Not free

Have to sign up for a trial to use it

Want an ad app? This is for you!!

Honestly, the fact that I have to watch a stupid ad for every tap I make is ridiculous. But wait! There’s more! If you want access to this wallpaper just unlock it by watching another advertisement video. Worst app ever. Give me a break!!!

Not functional

Can’t even look for the wallpapers when adds pop up every five seconds.

Too slow, and they are constantly asking for more!

Too slow


I got the app and I go on and it tells me if I want to sign up for something and I said no. Then I go on and there are a lot of cool wallpapers and I go and look at it and there is an add and I thought oh this is ok. Until when I swiped another add and it continued and it got very annoying

Are you guys serious???

Immediately deleted the app, you are not letting experience the app.

Okay App

There are really nice wallpapers!👍🏽 But there are WAY TOO MANY ADS! It’s gets annoying!!! The ads pop up like every 10 seconds. More than half of the wallpapers you have to unlock with ads right after you just watch one!!! The only way to get rid of the ads is to pay $8 a month. That is completely absurd! It’s overprice and ads get very annoying. The only thing I like are the wallpapers themself. But sometimes it’s takes forever to load!! The app could do better but for now it’s just Okay. 😪


Very Bad App 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


Worst app ever! Why do we need to pay money for more wallpaper that is retarded and a waste of money

Live wallpapers

It’s good but i don’t like he trial

Cool Wallpapers

A lot of Creative stuff !!!!!

Unreasonable price. Love this app just costs way to much for me

Love this app. just costs way to much for me

beware: lots of ads

this app is worthless. so many pop up ads and the wallpapers aren’t even that nice to pay for. i tried to scroll through and force my way to something good but sooooo many ads dude. it was ridiculous.

Garbage app

I have an iPhone X and the “live pictures” downloaded from this app DID NOT work. On top of that every second you’re asked to subscribe or shown an ad. I hope Apple takes a stronger stance against unusable ad machine apps like this. They ruin our experience.

정액제 과금되는 앱 처음 봤네요~

조심하세요~ 충전해놨던 돈 모두 날라갔습니다~ 설치했다면 정액으로 돈 빠져나갑니다~~ 와~~ 완전 쓰레기 얍입니다~ 쓰지도 않는 앱인데~~ㅠㅠ 억울하네요~


Mine won’t even be like live and stuff when u put it l. There it’s trash

Forced to Premium :(

Saw an ad, thought I’d check this app out. Downloaded it on an iPhone X, software is up to date. You cannot explore without getting hit with the Premium — free trial - then billed weekly. No thanks! I don’t want to try a subscription then have to remember to cancel. After 2 minutes of trying to look around to see if it was worth it, and getting hit w the premium pop-up every click — Apps not worth it. I removed it.


$8 a WEEK is way to much money for a WALLPAPER APP!? These app developers are just money hungry 🤑and some point your going to get sick of it 🤒

Not free

You have to buy subscribe to use 7,99$ per WEEK






This is a scam. When I saved it to my photos it clearly said “live” in the corner. I set it as my lock screen, and it sits completely still. I tried to edit it and yet, the same thing happened. Don’t buy this app.

So i wanted to see what everyone was talking about &

Yeah this thing is filled with ads. Even one button, I get terrorized with the premium pack. Why advertise something is free when I can’t even move? Like there’s no button on this app that doesn’t trigger the premium subscription. You’re literally downloading an app that’s forced you to pay it even to PREVIEW A LIVE WALLPAPER


I thought I was downloading a live wallpaper app. Turns out it’s just ads!


I downloaded the app purchase the premium add it to my screen or wallpaper but it does not move when you look at the wallpaper when it said it says to press it and when I press it it doesn’t move

It’s ok

It’s good but when you get there you only get 3 days to use it for free and then you have to pay 7.99 which is really expensive for my tast.


Why doesn’t it work for me what do I do and how tell me now please how do I make it work please I beg of you tell me btw I have a iPhone se and does it work for that i don’t even know :(

2 kol for yu

Aight yehahahaaiaisjsh


I opened the app and wouldn’t let me get any wallpapers unless I paid $12.99 for the app! It says that it is a free app but it is the most useless thing ever.

Don’t waste your time

BEFORE I BEGIN LET ME TELL YOU THIS IS NOT A 4.5 STAR APP. ALL REVIEWS WERE TWO AND UNDER THE DEVELOPER RIGGED IT. DO NOT BUY AT ANY COST. This app is awful. I tried using the app and it told me to buy a subscription. I said no thanks and opted to use it free. I tried to swipe to the next wallpaper and an ad plays. I thought nothing of it as it did say there were going to be ads. Then I try to go to the next slide. And what do you know it tells me to buy a subscription. I do this again and get the same results over and over and over again. It was clear to me after reading some other reviews of the app that the developer had no intentions of letting you use the app unless you pay. It was simply a way of tricking you into giving them money. If you want people to give you money for your app make them buy the app instead of making it free. NEVER and I mean NEVER trust an app made by this developer because chances are they are trying to scam you out of your money. I strongly advise that you reconsider your purchase. The app developer does not care about customer satisfaction and only wants your money. You need to be careful when making your purchases as well because these types of shady apps can be harmful to you and to others as well. After taking a further look at the app I also noticed that if you tried to exit out of “buy subscription” ad then it would take you to another screen to purchase the subscription again. Do not download this app for your well being. I mean come on man. If you want the money make people pay for a GOOD and WORKING app not some useless money seeking price of trash app. If I could give zero stars I would.


It spams you with ads, and barely lets you have any backgrounds unless you pay $7.99 a week.


Look, no app is worth $25 a month...are you serious?!

Absolute trash

Jam packed with ads and virtually no free content. Not to mention the subscription price is RIDICULOUS especially for just being wallpapers.

Developer Is A Jerk

So if you read the dev responses to the reviews, they are just making fun of the people. There’s no help, just some guy who is trolling. Because of that, I won’t use the app. Grow up dude.

Worst App

Immediately it asks you to start a free trial which ends in 3 days and then starts charging you. You can’t even look at the wallpapers that are free because the add for the free trial pops up every time you select one. Super annoying and not worth the download.


Can’t even use

As soon as you get on it instantly asks you to get the premium version. After that you can switch to maybe one other picture then an add pops up. Once that’s done it asked you to go to a premium version again. This app would be good if you could actually see some pictures.. it’s trash an I wouldn’t download it unless you wanna spend $8 for some pictures..


This app isn’t even free and don’t try to tell me that I need to update my phone because I literally just downloaded iOS 12 and it’s not free, it offers a free trial which the user has to pay afterwords but it’s not free

Absolutely terrible

Too many ads and it asks you to get premium way too much and vids are low quality. Ignore the five star reviews they’re obviously bots

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