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Sorely disappointed.

Wow. Every two seconds an add pops up. I don’t recommend. And every one second I swear the option to upgrade your account also pops up.


You either need to pay or ads keep poping out so if you want to pay download if not dont

Live Wallpaper free version

The free version is terrible, you literally can’t chose any wallpaper without there being an add and yet still can’t choose it. Even if you don’t choose a wallpaper, there’s an ad every 5 seconds(literally).


0 star

Why don't you just simply put a price on it ?

Great ideas, great works. However I can't can't even try to save or even click on any thing to look at since every time I touched the screen ... there will be an ad asking me to purchase your app per week per month or whatever. Why don't you just simply puts a price on it at the beginning? Don't say free and then I can't even try to see how good before I can actually purchase. I felt it was a click bait.

Too many ads and slow.

I get it's a business but dang, an ad every swipe gets irritating. Didn't even have time to see and enjoy the wallpapers. Had this app for 1 min then deleted.

Can’t take it back

I subscribe to the free trial by accident and don’t know how to opt out of it. Please heeeelp

Ads ads ads

Too many ads to even use the app. App is slow to load pictures but the ads load just fine. Those things will fly at you nonstop, unless you're paying subscription don't waste your time.

Beware of the subscription charges

You’ve been charging 1.99 every week for a subscription I wasn’t even aware is signed up for. I just wanted to check out some free live wallpapers since I just upgraded my phone. I also got the virus warning that someone else mentioned...kinda strange since it was the only app I downloaded right away 🤔

Do not download

So aggravating and annoying to have the spam constantly pop up. Kept wanting my credit card information to charge after the free trial. I don’t want too, and it kept wanting to force me. Immediately deleted the app and gave one star. Going to tell my friends and family to do the same thing. Give one star. It might only be 10 or so people but at least they will all give 1 star reviews. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!


Don’t waste you’re time downloading this Misleading app


Enhances user experience

Nope, instant delete

I couldn't access the other pictures without a pop-up telling me to subscribe for a free one week trial, after which I would be automatically charged a few dollars. No, thank you. I don't need all this trouble for some backgrounds so bye Felicia ✌🏽


Trying to make money rather than making a good app

Jesus, what a waste

Omg, good luck using this app! the moment you touch anything on the screen it sends you to about five different ads in a spiral of death and good luck getting back to look at anything decent. What a piece of absolute crap. Note to the developers, people have to be able to check it out for free before they make the decision to purchase something you retards.

One star

It wont let me cancel my subscription and its renewing it every week

Cancel ?

The app is pretty good actually. However I wanted to test trial... I did... now I’m looking to cancel but cannot find how to do that at all. How does one cancel this subscription???

Not so bright...

This is a terrible app I don’t even get to look at the live images before an add pops up

Not a free app!

This app is so riddled with ads it's ridiculous. This is a paid app disguised as a free app. The only pictures it will actually let you save are not that pretty. And forget trying to scroll through them all. It would take all day to get through the categories with all the ads. Waste of time. Live wallpapers are not worth the time you would spend trifling through this app. 0/5.

I hate this app

First of all, I downloaded iltge free version out of curiosity and it wasn’t anything to write home about. Secondly, it tricks you into subscriber Neg so be very careful about the buttons you push in the app. THIRDLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I have no idea how to cancel my subscription! I cannot find the option they do not make easy to find the option and now I’m going to have to call Apple to make sure gets canceled. With that said I am going to register a very big complaint with this app to Apple for their dishonest business practices.


I'm trying to stop the payments from being withdrawn how do I do that cause I don't want to keep paying for this app. I just wanted one wallpaper and now I have a subscription

3 at best

I just downloaded this and within he first 2 minutes trying to find something the adds are TERRIBLE I couldn’t hardly navigate or find anything because they kept popping up. I finally gave up and just deleted it. Cool app but the adds kill it.


Can’t even use the app since there are so many ads. Asks me to upgrade to the monthly premium version literally every 15 seconds. Don’t even waste your time.


Every 10 sec there is add just delete


Love the App :)

Not free

Not free, its garbage

Ads are so annoying

Every time you swipe there is an ad, it ruins the app

Adds are terrible

This is the worst app with the most amount of adds I've ever seen. Don't waste your time

0 star

I want to give 0 star app is free to download when you brows free stuff asking you to sign up (to pay ) Browsed 2 pic and ads started . If there's people with 5 star review it's because they probably paid theme for the review or developers leaving positive feedback when they know it's garbage.

This app is lit

I like this but it's not fun when u have to pay for a week or a month but it's still really cool

Live wallpapers

The only thing is when I put the wallpapers on the lock screen there not live

Live Wallpapers

When I save the live wallpapers and add them to my background or lock screen, they are not live anymore. 😧


The idea is awesome, but the app gave me a headache. There’s too many adds to navigate the app. Could even look at the pictures for too long without layers of adds. The pictures are nice but I wasn’t able to enjoy them. I’ll be being elsewhere for photos :/


Can’t figure out how to unsubscribe it’s totally not free that’s false


Right when you enter the app they ask you to sign up for in-app purchases which is fine, I chose not to pay and have a few ads here and there. BUT, right when I clicked that an ad started playing and every time I try to select something another ad plays and doesn’t even select what I wanted. Long story short 5 ads played before I could even select a different wallpaper. So now it’s deleted.


Absolutely. Terrible.

Not worth it

I thought it would be cool to have a Live Photo for my lock screen. Honestly not even worth it. You have to swipe through a bunch of mediocre pictures to find a couple that you like. Every swipe or click there’s an ad or them asking you to upgrade for no ads. & even when you do find a pic & set it as your lock screen, you have to hold the pic for it to even move. It’s not like a tap & then boom you got a loin roaring on your screen. You literally have to hold it the whole time for the picture to do it whole thing. Waste. Better off making your own Live Photo’s and dealing with that.

Really great app

If your downloading this app to have a hard time unless your paying $50 a month then you found the right place

Dont get this

False advertising on the whole free side of things, and you spend more time dealing with pop ups and a free trial scheme to take 1.99 from you when you forget to take off auto-pay. Nah fam dont get this

Great work in how the app looks but very irritating ads

I like the option of being able to check for wallpapers at one place but ads for every image literally is not good at all when advertising the app to be free and dumping all available ads out there into the app and onto the users. I have used many apps before that were free and had ads but are limited as to keep the user engaged with the app with simultaneous ads. My first opinion after using it for 5 mins was to delete the app and search the same wallpapers in google not to deal with so many ads which is not the primary goal of the developer I guess. Hope there will be some improvement with the upcoming update as the developer said in another review.

Not free

It says free but then won't let you do anything. That's not free. Stupid.


Forces you to subscribe with a 7 day trial that will start charging you a subscription if you forget to uninstall and cancel.

Free, not so free.

It's not free like they claim also ads every second.


Way to many pop-up ads, the app wouldn’t let me view more than one wall paper which was irritating. Also paying a monthly subscription for wall papers... really?

In App purchase popup

There is an annoying in app purchase popup at every tap. Try free over and over. Useless!

Not good

The wallpapers are not that good and the ads are so ridiculous. I’ve been looking at reviews and almost everyone has given this app 2 stars or less and yet it says it has a 4.6 star average so that’s also very suspicious. But if you’re reading this don’t get the app.

Pretty sure most of the reviews here are fake

Trash app


Can't scroll and see things without ads. Literally can't even view anything decently.


How the fuxk do I cancel my subscription


I downloaded this app and when the option came up to try a week free and then start to charge me I reacted before I realized they would charge me in a week. After realizing my mistake I tried to find some way to unsubscribe but I can’t find it anywhere on the app. I don’t want to pay for a wallpaper that to be honest have all been disappointing.

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