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Complete trash

Unless you pay monthly for the stupid service, you can’t even use the app. There is an add like 3 ads with each tap.


He keeps telling you to buy premium in as soon as you say no to buying premium it put you to an ad just non stop ads I only got one flipping wallpaper

Hungry app

Asked 3 times for premium subscription within 2 minutes. Ads pop up every picture and will take you to the ad site even if you hit the x. Immediately deleting and the wallpapers did not even look great for the iphone x.

This app is garbage

I, unlike most, signed up for the subscription under the guise that I could try it “risk-free” for 30 days. Well when the app didn’t work when I opened it at first, I forgot about it. A month later when they took money out of my account, I checked the app again and it still didn’t work. Do not download. TRASH!! Edit: Now they won’t let me cancel my subscription and I have to talk to the developers. Great


Just keeps popping up adds. Doesn’t even let you load a wallpaper.

Bombarded with Advertisements

I just wanted to check this app out and see how it works, but literally almost every time i try to do anything in the app, I get and ad. It instantly asks for a subscription, but I'm not trying to pay for it when I haven't even tried it out yet, but if you click no thanks or close it, another one will show up seconds later, then another one and another one.

Too Many Ads

You click once to see 3 ads in a row. Impossible to use. Too many pop ups.

I like this


Don’t download if u don’t want to spend $$ on pictures u can get on google images

Ridiculous. Frustrating. Annoying. Are three prime words to use for the amount of ads and “buy our freakin app why don’t ya” popping up on my screen. I just wanted a lockscreen.smh

Literally Impossible to Navigate Menu

You CAN NOT EVEN USE THE MENU without seeing repetitive Air B&B ads every 2 seconds. You try to click on another wallpaper that says free? Oh ok. Just get an ad for premium edition SLAMMED in your face. You can’t even download a FREE wallpaper without PAYING $20.

Ads kill app

Sorry but the Ads absolutely kill the app. Literally an app with every swipe, or a pop up asking about premium every other swipe. Not worth it if you aren’t going to pay for premium.


Live wallpaper. Give you a different verity of live things you will love

Free with Ads included

Wow! Unless you like to be inundated with ads every second the free with ads is just for you!! This app is pushing for you to pay their wallpaper!!! I can’t comment on how pretty or magnificent any of the wallpaper is because all I saw was ads ads ads!!!!

Worst app ever

There are to many ads. You cannot look at a wallpaper with out an ad popping up. It is so slow you cannot even view the wallpaper. Everything cost money not the wallpaper but to skip through it does. You view the wallpaper in a slide show view and to skip through it cost money. I would not recommend this app to anyone seeing that it is a waste of time. I do not know how it’s has the rating it does.


This app is horrible. I saved the wallpapers and went to my gallery. I set the wallpaper and turn off my phone. Turn it back on and the screen doesnt move or change. I tapped the screen like the video...NOPE IT DOESNT WORK. Im not going to trust trials or subscriptions.


They keep charging me $2 each month for this stupid app that doesn’t even work!!!!!!!!!!


Every time you press your finger you get an ad


The ad for this app came up on Snapchat and I thought it was really cool. Well they basically try to FORCE you to buy there subscriptions. To the point that they don't even give you a split second to look at the kinds of wallpapers they have. Cause every time you try to there subscription screen comes up and you'll exit out but it immediately comes back up. It also doesn't work for any phone that's not atleast an IPhone6s. I'd give 0 stars if I could.

Impossible to use

They desperately want you to try their premium version. I couldn’t even use the app without a pop-up appearing asking to purchase premium.

It’s a big joke. Really big joke

How are you going to ask for my hard earned money for a subscription, when you can’t even get past the first wallpaper? You go to click on another wallpaper and an ad shows up or you get inundated with a subscription message. Please people, I will never pay for a subscription if I can’t test drive the product first. Yeah it tries to sucker you into signing up for a “free week” only to forget about such free week and get charged anyway. No thanks, I’ll try a different wallpaper app.

DONT GET! Unless you plan on paying for trial immediately!!

They say try for free but right away bombard you with ads! And can’t even function in the app and roam around without constantly being asked to pay! Even in the free section! Lol I’ve had it for 10 min and already got so annoyed I couldn’t even sample anything without constantly being bugged to sign up with Apple ! Even though you click sign up later still ads and pop ups keep coming to get you to pay! I deleted already how you expect someone to want to buy your app if you won’t even allow them time to freely roam and check things out !

Don’t use this app

I go to use the app and they ask to upgrade, I choose the free plan with ads. I then swiped once to look at one photo. They ask to upgrade again, I swipe again, an ad pops up (I expected that because I chose the free plan.) I then swipe again and here comes another thing asking to upgrade! We get it. I do not want to give you my money and I do not want to upgrade. There’s even more. I finally choose one and then it doesn’t even work! (They said it has to be an iPhone 6s and all of the generations further. I have a 6s Plus and yet it still doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this app.


Wayyyy to many adds! Doesn’t work! Tries to get you to buy premium every 2 seconds! Doesn't even deserve one star!

Do not pay for subscription

Please please do not pay for the subscription they have because I did and I am still receiving ads and I did not unlock all live wallpapers. Please don’t get the subscription. I contacted the developer and never heard from them back.😡😡😡🤬🤬

Omg so many ads

Don’t download it has so many ads it’s crippling


I couldn’t even get any image! To much ads! So annoying! You can’t even get to try it to see if you want to subscribe.....

So awfully ad ridden

I turned it on and every time I touched the screen I would get a new pop up ad. It’s not even built well


As I opened the app there were adds which I expected and they kept popping up with adds. As I clicked the X it purchased something for $2. Very sketchy app. Be careful when downloading!


Immediately asks you to pay for premium or go free with ads... then as soon as you open the app you get 7 ads in a row that you have to wait to close... and you can’t even get to see all the wall papers because some of them require the premium... I don’t think I need a moving wallpaper that badly

got enough ads?

i downloaded this app this morning and was excited to check it out. right away when i get into the app, it asks to get premium. i press no thanks. then before i even get to the second wallpaper, another ad. and i press x, it takes me to the itunes store. so i force quit the app and go back into it, ANOTHER AD. i deleted the app right away because if i saw one more ad i was going to throw something.


Best wallpaper Ever

Ads Galore!

If you don’t buy the full version, prepare for constant pop ups and up sells. Deleted in minutes because you can’t get to actually use the app due to the number of ads and pop ups.

Not terrible...

This app content wise is decent but this app loads u with adds and forces u to subscribe also every live wallpaper you click takes 10 hours to load overall not that good


Why would anyone want to pay for something made by someone who clearly hates anyone who isn’t giving him money? Can’t even use it without ads and tricks thrown at your face.

Too many ads. Unusable!!!

Such a greedy app. Dont download. Cannot use as Free. A waste of bytes.


This app is complete aids don’t download

Still Ads and Shows Free Even After Purchasing PRO Subscription

Still Ads and Shows Free Even After Purchasing PRO Subscription


I just wanted a live wallpaper but no i guess you just cant have what you want 👿

Can’t even try free trial

Don't download if you don't want to buy full version because it won't let you try free version.

Fraud from the developers.

I was swiping for more wallpapers to the right and the number of adverts are fairly high (honestly I don’t give a rats a**) but the app prompts me to go with premium services and I was constantly closing that prompt by going with advert version of app. And even after I opted for the add version the app, the app routes me to Apple Store payment in a loop. One wrong tap can make you the proud subscriber of this fraud app.

Way too many ads

This is not worth the trouble! Too many ads! I can’t even test out a wallpaper to see if I’d been interested in paying! Don’t download! Also made my phone freeze up and slow down! Worst


It is awesome


I’ve had iPhones since the beginning of the App Store. Never have I seen an app so littered with ads. It’s practically unusable. I’m surprised Apple even approved it.

Hi 👋🏻

It’s so cool people will think it’s a video it’s just so COOL🤩!!!!!!


I downloaded this app, however it did not work for me. I need to cancel the subscription and I tried following the steps given but it did not work. How do I cancel the subscription ? If I delete the app will it delete my subscription too ?

Horrible app DO NOT GET!!!

Waste of time you can’t use any. Unless you spend money every month no thank you !!!!!!!


You need to stop charging me, if you are, for this stupid subscription thing. I never subscribed to you and I’m getting emails that are Receipts from Apple. Idk what our even taking the money out of to Bc I don’t have a credit card🤬🤬🤬 what is happening Nobody get this app, it takes money from you when you don’t even subscribe, tbh idk if it’s even taking money, but I keep on getting receipts and it kind of scares me 🙄🙄 and the freaking ad things are so stupid it’s ad after another ad.


It won’t even let me delete this app from my phone I can’t even find it on my phone and then when I ask Siri to go to it she can’t but when I ask her to go somewhere else she can


I upgraded to premium and still get ads after ads. Then they charged my account again. If I could give this app a negative rating I would. Complete rip off. Beware.


If you like ads and only ads....

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